Blanka Vlašić, OLY

Founder & CEO

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My story

I’m Blanka Vlašić, a former four time world champion, silver and bronze Olympic medalist in the high jump. My personal best of 208 cm is the second-best result of all time.

I am retired from 2020., but decided to remain a part of the world of sports as a vice president of the Croatian Olympic Committee and a Member of the European Olympic Committee Athletes Commission and use my 20-year long experience to help the next generations of athletes.

My philosophy

Everyone is born with a talent for excellence. They only need to discover what it is. And it doesn’t have to be from the very first try. In fact, second chances are usually more prosperous and fulfilling ones!

My goal

Since I’ve already achieved my sports goals, I felt the need to help others reach their maximum potential. To do so, they need structure and guidance within a safe and understanding environment. That’s why I’ve formed the RTB community, where we welcome change as a way of growth.

Being through a career transition myself, I’m more mindful of that old saying:

"It takes a village to raise a child."

It is time to raise the bar for yourself!

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